6 thoughts on “Deep dive into sign-in activities for Azure AD and Intune managed devices

  1. I did quite a mistake when rolling out our new MW-computers.
    I didn’t realize the primary user when setting up the computer would be so hard locked to the computer. So I “helped” a lot of people by logging in with my user and setting things up then returned the computer to them.

    Now, when I look at my “All Devices” in Intune it is full of devices that are not “mine”.

    I just want an easy way to from that list get a record of who last logged in to a computer and call them and say “Sorry for the mess, but we will have to wipe your computer and let you do the install with your account”.

    But I can’t believe how hard it is to see who the heck logged in last on a computer in Azure!
    I have no clue how to proceed here.
    The only other option I can really see is trying to remove devices randomly from my list of devices and see who calls and complains. . . not the best solution.

    So how do I see who ACTUALLY LOGS ON to all the devices connected to me in Intune? Any Clues?

      1. Actually, I just waited and lived with it until that function was released. It was a godsend when MS released it. 😀

        On a sader note, with Corona, a whole bunch of the people have been let go, and had to return their computers, so that “solved the problem” in those cases. :-/

  2. Hello,

    Is this also possible with first connecting to an other tenant? I’m managing several customer tenants from the Microsoft Partner Center. I’ve just downloaded the MSGraph module but I can only connect to my own tenant. Please provide (if possible) information for how to.

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